About Us

MonteGo Services is focused on supporting the MonteGo Event Manager platform and we are always thinking of new ways to help the event planner to centralize their work area to better support events. We created our platform to help others who have problems with other applications where you need to pay large amounts of money to use these platforms or your always having to add on separate services at a cost to support your event which also heightens the bottom line. There are also many use cases where event planners are using multiple applications to support their events with no integration. Montego was created with the event planner in mind! Whether you are working at a corporate office, a kids entertainment facility, night club, tour manager, organizing a wedding, family reunion or concert we have you covered! See how we can support you as an individual or company to leverage our platform to support your unique event management style!


We had a vision in 2008 to create a software platform that would help leverage collaboration and the ability to manage all aspects of event management. We have worked hard to provide that platform in 2019 and have a promising vision for the future of this product! Join us today as we build the tools you need to better collaborate, manage events, resources and tasks today!


Here at MonteGo our goal is to provide a platform that you can leverage that supports all desktop and mobile platforms, various types of events, integrated services and payment processing! Our goal is to satisfy our customers wants while supporting their needs! Reach your goals today taking advantage of your in place SharePoint farm or Office 365! Join us today!


We put things into action! We saw the need for our application after so many different experiences in the general event industry. We focused on bringing a new platform that would help others who need to support their attendees and customers in a better way! Helping event planners jump into action by giving them the tools to quickly understand their event status and budget along with leveraging access to that information from any device!


Here at MonteGo success is the only option! There is no way you can lose using our application! We provide a one stop shop to support you and your events 24/7! Don’t get lost in the other apps that provide only one focus and do not give you the ability to bring in all aspects of your business. Use our software and find it all in one place! MonteGo – We had the event planner in mind!